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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Entertainment Weekly TV Listing - 2003

sgAs I've said before, I'm pretty sure there's some closet Aquaman fan on staff at EW, since he's been mentioned way more times than anyone could possibly reasonably expect. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, sure--they've got ongoing major movie franchises, so being mentioned in Entertainment Weekly raises no eyebrows. But Aquaman? That takes effort.

I came across these two listings in just one 2003 issue, and all I can say is I heartily agree with its sentiments, even amid the sarcasm.


Scurvy said...

You know, I've been wondering those same things for quite some time now...

Why did they leave Garth out of the Titans show? I mean he is a founding member for cryin' out loud.

rob! said...

i think for the same reason Aquaman was dropped from JLU in favor of Hawkgirl...the perception that he needs a water-based story to be effective.