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Saturday, February 24, 2007

DC Stock Art Week, Part 6: Classic Pose

sgThis is one of the most used, most iconic of all the stock art pieces.

I saw this piece umpteen times on various DC letters pages of the 80s, when they had a little space to fill, plus a modified version appeared on the Super Powers figure packaging. It's a great pose, simple and direct.

I'm back from the NY Comic Con, and I actually got a chance to shake the hand of Mr. Garcia-Lopez. He, unfortunately but understandably, was not doing any sketches. But I did get the chance to tell him I'd love to interview him for one of my other OFSs (Obsessive Fan Sites), TreasuryComics.com. He took my card for the site and said he'd check it out, and I sure do hope he contacts me to talk!


Anonymous said...

I had a t-shirt I bought at the late, lamented Warner Bros store many, many years ago that had a line of DC characters on both the front and the back. The front was Robin, Batman, Supes, WW, and The Flash. On the back was this pose, GL, Hawkman, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man. I wore that shirt until it simply ceased to exist. Best t-shirt ever!
Thanks for all these cool pictures, Rob!

rob! said...

i love when Plastic Man in included on stuff. like Capt. Marvel, i feel that he is up there on the fame pantheon even tho you dont see him on much merch.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I have this piece as an embroidered patch on a pocket t-shirt also sold at the late lamented Warner Bros. store. The WB had a bunch of these white t-shirts of different DC and Looney Tunes characters that featured the character (in patch form) "emerging" from the pocket. The Aquaman one, for example, showed this image "swimming" out of the top of the pocket - the patch ended at about Artie's mid-thigh. Due to an error in the manufactoring process, Aquaman's thighs where flesh-colored. Weird look.
I still have the shirt but it doesn't fit anymore. Must have shrunk in the wash. No, really, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!