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Friday, February 23, 2007

DC Stock Art Week, Part 5: Aquaman's Steed

sgAnother proud, majestic look at the King of the Seven Seas, astride his trusty steed!

We've seen Aquaman riding his seahorse before, in the comics and the cartoons, but Garcia-Lopez makes this look as cool as possible, I think by drastically enlarging the size of the sea-horse in relation to Aquaman. Normally, the proportions is about the same as a human is to a horse, which of course is the idea. But I think by making the sea-horse look huge, like some prehistoric deep-sea creature, it gives it a more other-worldly feel, and you forget all about the idea of trying to put a saddle on what looks like a giant shrimp.

I've seen this piece on t-shirts mostly, but it did make an appearance on a collector's plate from the late 80s, even though it had been modified a bit.

sgI'll be at the New York Comic Con tonight, once the doors open for the general public (what, Aquaman Shrine Webmaster doesn't get me a pro badge? I'm part of the Fourth Estate!), hoping to land some more Aquaman sketches and maybe, if I'm lucky, set up an interview or two.

If anyone reading this is going, you'll of course
(*cough*) recognize me from my appearance in Entertainment Weekly. And if that isn't enough, I'll be the guy handing out these:


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Anonymous said...

If Aquaman can telepathically talk to every sea creature out there why does he need the reins on the sea horse?