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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sunbeam Bread Sticker - 1978

sgI have a whole folder full of items ready to post, but sometimes when a new item arrives in the mail I get so excited it moves to the head of the line.

Case in point: this is one of a series of 30 stickers that came with loaves of Sunbeam Bread in the 70s. As you can see, it features really beautiful Dick Giordano art (not the typical Aquaman stock art piece, for once). I found this on ebay for a paltry four bucks, just a few minutes before the auction ended. I bid, won, and had the thing in the mailbox about three days later. I wish all my ebay auctions went this smoothly.

Another nice thing: on the back, it lists the manufacturer of these stickers as "Arnold Harris Associates, Inc.", who were based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This is the same Cherry Hill my family and I moved to in 1979 and I subsequently spent a good portion of my life in, racking up a lot of the fond childhood memories that Aquaman occupies such a large part of.

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