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Thursday, January 11, 2007

DC vs. Marvel Trading Card - 1996

sgI don't remember how I got this card--it was simply in the box of stuff as I finding things to scan in. It was part of a whole line of DC vs. Marvel trading cards, this particular scuffle not being one of the big-ticket bouts.

This is a nice painting--too bad that for their one crossover, the real Aquaman doesn't get to appear. And what with all the bare skin on display, this card also might appeal to a whole different audience than young comics fans.

And I have to admit, as much as an Aquaman fan as I am (um, a lot), I don't think he could get anywhere near Namor in a fight. As Marvel has portrayed him over the years, he is just below the Hulk on the Marvel Power Scale. While Arthur is commanding a school of moray eels to surround Namor, he has ripped Aquaman's legs off and is beating him to death with them. The fact that Aquaman actually defeats Namor in the DC vs. Marvel book I take as an extreme act of generosity on Marvel's part.


Sensor Sweep said...

I never read Marvel, so I didn't realize Namor was that powerful. That said, Aquaman should have won because of his many strengths, but also because of his marine telepathy. When you can tell a pod of Blue Whales what to do, I think you're pretty powerful! Say, didn't Arthur win that fight by making an Orca beach itself on Namor? Perhaps Peter David was acknowledging Aquaman's superiority by having him use telepathy to win.

rob! said...

hey, i like to see Aquaman win as many battles as possible, but i think to be totally fair Namor would win this one--as the characters are defined in their respective universes, Namor is just beneath the Hulk in terms of strength, and he can fly.

i think Arthur would get some good licks in, but ultimately Namor would, as i said, just start ripping limbs off.

but i thannk PAD for writing it the way he did!