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Friday, January 05, 2007

Sketch Week, Part 4: Steve Lieber - May 2000

sgWhen last we left Rob and His Excellent Nawlins Adventure, he had just gotten an awesome Aquaman sketch by Leonard Kirk (below). No sooner did I turn around then spy Steve Lieber, artist of one of my favorite comics at the time, Whiteout. With the ink barely dry on Leonard's piece, he agreed to do one for me as well.

Steve ended up taking a lot longer than I--or he--expected. As you can see, he really went to town on this one, so much so that Steve actually impressed himself! When he was done, he wrote his email address on the back of the page, requesting that when I got home I scan the piece in and send it to him so he had a record. Two great sketches in one day, again--man, this Aquaman-Sketch thing is a breeze!

And the Nawlins sketches are not yet finished! Be here tomorrow
--same AquaTime, same AquaBlog!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a copy of this! A friend went to the San Diego Con last year (or was it two?) and got this. Steve evidently had it copied and then signs it anew. I have it hanging in my bathroom!