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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sketch Week, Part 3: Leonard Kirk - May 2000

sgI went to the New Orelans ComiCon in May of 2000 with sketchbook in hand--I now had a mission.

One of the first people I saw whose work I reognized was Leonard Kirk, who I believe was drawing then then-running Supergirl title. I went up to Leonard and asked him for a sketch and he was extremely nice in agreeing. I walked away to look for Aquaman merch, in the act of killing two birds with one stone.

Not too long later I came back, and as you can see Leonard really knocked it out of the park--this is a beautiful, striking piece--much more than a "sketch"--and I thanked Leonard and walked off. I'm glad to see Leonard is still around in comics, because as you can see, he kicks ass!

(On a side note: I am so glad I took the opportunity to go to that con--not only did I meet my friend Dan Souder for the first time there, but I got to visit a great city long before disaster struck. I'll especially treasure those memories I had in New Orleans)


ds said...

That was the only NO con as far as I know. I also remember it as the time I learned to play poker.

ds said...

I dig these sketches and look forward to more.

rob! said...

i will NEVER forget the first time we realized who the other was. at dinner at other ends of the table, and i suggested we make May 24 a National Holiday because it's Dylan's birthday. your eyes lit up and you looked at me with a sort of "you're one of US!" kind of look.

at that same moment, Thom, sitting closer to you, rolled his eyes in almost-frustration while looking at you, thinking the similar thought "oh cripes, he's one of THEM."