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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sew-On Patch - 1970s

sgHey Kids! Be the first on your block to get a genuine official Aquaman patch! Have your Mom sew it onto your jacket, and then the daily beatings in the schoolyard will start. Enjoy!

This is the kind of Aquaman merchandise that's frequently my favorite--cheap, small, and kinda goofy. It looks like Arthur is in the middle of a dance move here.


Anonymous said...

There was a whole series of these patches based on the Super Friends. I think they took the picture from that old JLA pose by Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs. I always wanted to get one of these as a kid, but when I finally saved up the money they were gone.

Anonymous said...

I remember sending for these patches when I was a kid. I got Superman and Batman patches, but was crushed when there was no Aquaman (which I wanted MOST and was out of stock!)in the package. But not as crushed as I would have been if I had recieved this abomination! (I remember the Murphy Anderson stock drawing in the ad. Wonder if that patch ever even existed...?)