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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

3" Figurine by Ideal - 1966

sgOne of a high-play-value-deficient line of figurines by Ideal. There was Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, at least; maybe Flash, as well.

The Aquaman figurine was made carrying a knife(?), a little piece that, judging by multiple ebay auctions of this piece, never lasts. Why on Earth Aquaman is carrying a knife in the first place is unexplained. To gut a fish? Seems like a very un-Aquaman thing to do.

Hey! Musicals were still big back then, maybe Arthur was trying out for a part in West Side Story. Wasn't one of those gangs called The Sharks?


Anonymous said...


Just FYI, they did make the Flash. Also unpainted villains including Joker, Key (as Key-Man) Mouseman(!), Brainstorm, Koltar (a two-headed dragon guy), and get this....Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt?

Why is your Aquaman's hair orange? Is that factory paint? If so, you have a variant!


Anonymous said...

That last comment was me. Be gentle! I'm new to blog commentary!


rob! said...

everyone of these ive seen, his hair is orange. have you seen one with his correct blonde color?

i knew about the villains...but THUNDERBOLT??

Anonymous said...

Mine is blonde. I'll take a pic of him and send it in. Maybe mine was repainted by some kid or collector at some point?

Thunderbolt WAS a villain in one JLA/JSA team-up which appeared shortly before this line was released, so that's probably why he was made villain, but it just goes to show how much REAL attention Ideal paid to the comics. Their Super Queens Wonder Woman came with Captain America's shield for crying out loud!


Plaidstallions said...

I really regret selling my Ideal Aquaman figure. It was my prize piece in my former Aquaman shrine.