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Friday, December 08, 2006

Dear Santa Week, Part 4: Multiple Toys Aquaman Playset

sgThis is one of the more unusual, little-seen pieces of Aquaman merchandise. I originally thought it was from Ideal, but Brian from the MegoMuseum set me straight in the comments section, telling me it's from some company called "Multiple Toys." Now that I look closer, I can see the MT logo, not the Ideal one. Duh.

Aquaman's merchandising popularity must have come from the Filmation cartoon show, because Arthur showed up on several unusual items during this time, like a board game (which will be posted here eventually) and this beautiful set. It features little, roughly 2 and a 1/2" high figurines of Aquaman, Mera, Mong (?), and the Fisherman, as well as the totally-cool-looking-but-completely-useless "AquaSub."

I've only seen this item who up for sale once, on ebay, and the asking price was so high I could only do an image-grab and sigh. I've promised myself if it ever shows up again, it's mine.


Plaidstallions said...

That's the Multiple Toys set, not Ideal, it's super crazy rare and I believe Canadian made.

I'd love to own that as well.

rob! said...

officially corrected! thanks!