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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dear Santa Week, Part 3: Aquaman Vs. The Great White Shark Playset


Oh boy, do I want this.

Aquaman was apparently popular enough to warrant his own playset--even if it is just the addition of a plastic shark. Finding this treasure from Mego at all is nearly impossible, let alone in any sort of decent condition (the MegoMuseum has a great page all about it...droooool).

As the Museum points out, the set's name is a mystery--vs. a great white shark? The sharks are Aquaman's friends! Whatever. It's still really cool and even among the rareified items I'm posting this week, it's even more rare in that I've never seen this available, anywhere, for any price.

Let me make this clear--I really want this.


Plaidstallions said...

true story, Chiller Theatre 1993, I see one in a booth and smile at it AND LEAVE!

Lenny Lee (from Lee's AFN) walks up to me after with it and says "can you believe it? this was only $200"

One of the worst brainfarts of my toy collecting life.

rob! said...