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Friday, November 24, 2006

Promo Poster - 1986

sgThis was a promo mini-poster (about 10x15") made for the 1986 Aquaman mini-series by Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton. DC was shocked, apparently, at how well this mini-series sold. They really shouldn't have been, since it was uniformly excellent in both conception and execution.

Writer Pozner (formerly a DC staffer) managed to pull all of Aquaman's convoluted history into a coherent backstory, and with the help of a new set-up and motivation(s), set the stage for Aquaman to move forward for more adventures.

The biggest change, of course, was the new costume, designed by Hamilton. Proof-positive that old comic book fans don't hate all change, this costume was received (at least as I recall) fairly well at the time. I still like it very much and while I'm glad that Arthur essentially looks the same as he always did, I could've lived with this suit if they had continued with it.

For some strange reason, DC never followed up the brisk sales of this mini with another series by the same creative team. It was unlikely Hamilton could've handled a monthly title; his page layouts gave the word intricate a new meaning. But when Aquaman did return, it was as another mini-series; this time drawn by...Curt Swan. No offense to the late, legendary Mr. Swan, but if you were a fan of the beautiful tapestries of art and design Craig Hamilton put together, Curt Swan was not the best replacement.

Sad to say, Pozner (who has also passed away) and Hamilton never returned to Aquaman, and now this mini-series, to me the best story Arthur has been treated to in twenty-five years, is now officially out of Aquaman's continuity.



Anonymous said...

Bah. In continuity or out, it's still one of the best Aquaman stories told. And there actually was a follow-up mini planned. Hamilton wasn't going to be doing the art, but i found this image recently, and well, it made even sadder this mini never came to fruition.

rob! said...

WOW!! I never knew DC had planned a sequel. I always liked Moore's stuff, its a shame they tried to make him morph his style into Hamilton's. that's a damn shame it never got put together...Neal Pozner had a great handle on Aquaman.