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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Onion InfoGraphic - 2002

sgI'm changing things up a bit here, with this InfoGraphic from a 2002 edition of The Onion. Clearly someone on staff is some sort of Aquaman fan, or of comic books at least, since this is not the only time I've seen the King of the Seven Seas mentioned. Probably the former, since I've found the smartest, nastiest put-downs of Aquaman come from his own fans.

I know this isn't "merchandise" per se, but since with this collection is sort of a study of Arthur's presence in pop culture, I figure this is just another fine example.

Plus, I do believe Aquaman #63 will be worth a lot someday.


Tegan said...

Very true. The boring put-downs are all "Aquaman is lame" type crap that anybody without any imagination could write. This one is pretty funny, though.

J.P. said...

Hiya, Rob!

I just love your new Aqua-blog. It's great seeing all your Aqua-merchandise, including this Onion reference to Aquaman, but I think I have something to confess here. I may be the reason the Onion makes these Aqua-references. You see, I lived with a couple of their writers for a whole bunch of years and they reveled in my love of Aquaman. I'd come home with whatever new comic Aquaman was in and I'd update them on what was going on in the Aqua-verse. Sometimes we would even take turns reading the letter columns out loud. It's true the writers are big comic and culture geeks. I just reminded them that Aquaman was around to make good fun of!
Hope I shed some light on the situation for you and I hope to read more posts from you!


rob! said...

WOW! what a cool story! glad you're enjoying the site and thanks!