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Friday, October 13, 2006

Declaration of Principles - 2005

sgEntertainment Weekly ran a surprising number of articles on Aquaman, mostly related to his fictional-movie-plotline on Entourage, or on his upcoming pilot (R.I.P.). While the tone of the articles was mostly dignified, occasionally the writer(s) couldn't help drop in a jab here and there. There must have been one too many for me, since I got inspired to write a letter to EW. To my complete surprise and utter delight, they printed it!

Quickly thereafter, I received several emails from other Aquaman fans, saying how much they appreciated someone sticking up for their hero in a major magazine. I felt so proud.

I've written a handful of letters to magazines and newspapers over the years, and have had a fairly good track record of getting them in print. But when I re-read this one, I don't think I'd ever written--or will ever write--a better one.

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