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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bombshells #47

"War Stories Part 2 of 3" by Marguerite Bennett, Laura Braga, and J. Nanjan.

Picking up from Bombshells #43, Mera and Arthur are surveying the damage to the small town of Ireland they call home. Mera blames herself, but Arthur has some startling news that she needs to hear:

For years, Arthur has used this island as a way station for the various creatures of the deep, and he has guided them on their way. He admits that, when he met Mera, he couldn't bear to say goodbye to her. But he knows she has duties elsewhere, and summons a chariot for her, two dolphins named Gren and Lund.

Mera then tells Arthur some hard truths of her own. Namely, that she was a princess, but thanks to a failed romance with a potential groom named Nereus, she found herself the odd woman out, especially after he "fell in love" with her sister Hila.

Mera believed that Nereus only loved Hila's crown, and told him so. In turn, Nereus threatened Mera and demanded she leave her home:

Arthur says they must return to Atlantis, but Mera is skeptical considering their almost non-existent army. Just at that moment, the mutual enemy named Hagen returns, offering support. He's even able to restore Mera's powers long enough for them to finish the mission at hand:

...to be continued!

While still kinda baffled what, exactly, is going on in this series, I've chosen to just accept what I'm reading and enjoy the ride. It was cool seeing Hila worked into the book's mythology, as well as Nereus, still a jerkwad. And who doesn't enjoy dolphins with saddles?

The artwork for Bombshells, by Laura Braga, is really quite beautiful. Everyone is super gorgeous like a romance novel, but of course that's part of the point. It's a real pleasure to look at, as is the warm color scheme by J. Nanjan. As a die-hard Aqua-Fan, it's interesting of course to see the traditional lead, Arthur Curry, set off to the side in the story. I've been saying for years Mera could support her own series, and Bombshells proves it.


Earth 2 Chris said...

Looks like the artwork has really improved overall since Cindy and I reviewed the first few issues on Super Mates. There was some gorgeous art mixed in with...not quite ready for primetime work then.


Anonymous said...

The Bombshells plots are absolutely ridiculous, but its fine if you just switch off your brain and go with it.