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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Jesús Guerra, Aquaman Fan!

I got a very nice email the other day from Aqua-Fan Jesus Guerra, who hails from Mexico and just had a birthday full of Aquaman-related goodery. Case in point: an Aquaman cake made by his girlfriend! Jesus also wears a homemade Aquaman t-shirt and necklace he got for his last birthday, and also sent a pic of his beloved Aquaman Funko doll!

That's enough for a F.O.A.M. membership, don't you think so? I do! Jesus, welcome to F.O.A.M.!


bribabylk said...

Love the shirt and cake! You're a lucky guy, Jesus; welcome.


Anonymous said...

Really nice pendant! It looks like the real deal!

Happy belated b-day!


Unknown said...
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JesusG said...

Thank you very much everyone, and thanks especially to rob! for reading my mail and allowing me be part of the FOAM! :D

I'm very happy and I feel so proud to be part of The Shrine.