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Friday, March 04, 2016

Superman/ Wonder Woman Annual #2

"Taking A Breath" by Keith Champagne, Chriscross, and Leonardo Olea.

While the Shrine was on a break, DC published this annual that features a series of flashbacks with Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon as they visit different corners of the globe (and beyond). One of their stops was Atlantis, for a friendly pop in with Aquaman and Mera, right after the League's first tussle with Darkseid:

The segment continues to follow Wonder Woman and Mera as they talk. Diana is shocked when Mera asks about her and Superman, something she thought was a secret. But Mera says its obvious something is going on between them, and counsels Wonder Woman to just go for it, and not worry about the complications. Diana isn't sure:

It's a nice sequence, beautifully rendered. It's too bad we didn't get a "he said/she said" structure that could have showed us Arthur and Kal talking too, but what we do get in these five pages is quite nice.

Arthur and Mera put out quite a nice spread!

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