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Monday, December 14, 2015

Who's Who: Update '87 Volume 5

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87: VOLUME 5

It's the fifth and final issue of WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87! Shag and I take a look at new and updated characters such as Robin, Strikeforce Kobra, The Spectre, Titano, Vibe, and more! We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

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Xum Yukinori said...

Following is a recap from my live tweeting the #FWPodcast out of order on Facebook (I thought I would try Xumthing new...), plus a few additional notes:

ROBIN: There are rumors going around about that 900-number “Death in the Family” voting resulting in Jason Todd’s death due to one caller that voted 100 times for him to die. One rumor has it that some college kid rigged his computer to constantly call the number; another stipulated that a pharmacist in Omaha Nebraska who happened to be a die-hard Dick Grayson fan called the number 100 times by hand because she “hated that snot-nosed punk pretender like poison”…

SALAKK: I had always pronounced Salakk as "suh-LOCK", and was pleased to hear the Green Lantern Animated Series do the same.

I actually liked the Green Lantern Pol Manning stories... maybe more for the concept of Green Lantern having another secret identity... it is too bad that most of those did not really deal with that concept; instead focusing on the threat of the issue, which were not all that different from the other Green Lantern outer space adventures...

I believe the Salakk 5708 GL Corps story by Steve Englehart in Green Lantern Corps v1 #214-215 was the only story that truly went deep into the Pol Manning identify aspect, and one of my favorite stories from that era (along with the Rocket Red storyline you had mentioned, Shag...).

The only other story that did a little than “scratch the surface”, so to speak, was the tale in Green Lantern v2 #51, in which the power ring somehow created a separate Pol Manning, which became evil. This was also the story in which Hal Jordan finally discovered he had 58th century adventures (the process the 58th century Solarite government used to transport him in time would remove Hal's memory, which is why they provided the Pol Manning identity. And yet somehow they would return him back to his own time with his full memory EXCEPT for his adventures in 5708 AD...).
Oh, and evil Pol Manning's criminal sobriquet was... "Dr. Strangehate" (!)

SPECTRE REVISED: I like that Jim Aparo had drawn this entry... even though he had nothing to do with the regular series at that time. And now that I have a computer, I see that the "Wrath of the Spectre" reprint series came out a few months after this Who’s Who issue, so that may be the connection that brought Aparo in, since he was creating new Spectre covers for the reprint series at roughly the same time.

Xum Yukinori said...

SIVANA: I suspect the "next SHAZAM series" mentioned in the inside back cover was the one planned by John Byrne that was never produced. (Great touch with the thunderclap during the Appendix rundown, by the way...)

STRIKFORCE KOBRA: I also pointed out that the “Planet Master” is really “Planet Master II”, and I admire your research into the entry, Shag.

SUPERBOY: Eagle-eye readers will notice that I lifted a few paragraphs from this entry for the “Superman of Earth One” spread. And yes, Rob, that is a great logo design. ComicCraft actually sells the Superboy logo font, called "Long Underwear." I suspect it will cost only $20.16 on January 1. I am sure you can make a snazzy “Superb Rob” logo with that…

TITANO: “Subject for scientific experiments” – it’s not an occupation, it’s a way of life…

VANGUARD: To clarify, “at the time of this writing” this group really only appeared in the New Teen Titans v2 Annual #1 in a story that guest starred Superman. I understand they made one other (brief) appearance in an issue of Superman-Batman in the late naughties…

VIBE: “Breakdancer” – it’s not just an occupation, it’s an adventure…

WILD DOG: I understand the original premise of this mini-series was a mystery for the readers to figure out the title character’s identity, and that this issue of Who’s Who was released THE SAME DAY as the final issue and thus would spoil the answer for those who read the Who’s Who entry first. Z

ZYMYR: Thom Zaller has never followed me on a baseball team pick, but he recently followed me on Facebook, so that is something…

THE APPENDIX: Like other listeners, I do agree with the sad commentary about how so many great concepts from DC Comics' 50-year history were just swept away post-Crisis. It was nice that some of them were "brought back" post-Crisis with a modern yet respectful retelling (the first Bizarro and Myxyzptlk stories were good examples, in my opinion). It was also a sad reminder that we were not likely to get any more previously omitted golden and silver age entries that should have been in Volume One (like Doll Girl) going forward.

THE STINGER: Rob, if your 1980s cover album includes some Samantha Fox tracks, I am sold. I have it on good authority that Shag finds her to be “hot”, so that is a bonus…

MICHAEL CHIAROSCURO: If you ever do start a BATO log, you should name it “The Non-Existent Batman and the Outsiders Blog”… it is a catchy name.