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Monday, September 28, 2015

Who's Who: Update '87 Volume 3

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87: VOLUME 3

It's the third titanic issue of WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87! Shag and I take a look at new and updated characters such as the Green Lantern Corps, Infinity Inc., John Constantine, Justice League, Kite-Man, Lady Blackhawk, Lex Luthor, and more! We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

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1 comment:

Xum Yukinori said...

Three hours well-spent gentlemen, as always.

To clarify on a few of your questions and comments:

Katma Tui was (needlessly) murdered by the Carol Ferris Star Sapphire in Action Comics #601.

My understanding is that Kite Man did not receive his “Charles Brown” identity until Hawkman v2 #4, which was also the issue where he fought Zatanna as shown in the surprint. While this was during the time when she wore the costume designed by George Pérez during super-hero missions, she battled Kite Man in her stage outfit because she was performing her act at the benefit Mr. Brown was robbing. (It was also no doubt a tribute by Tony Isabella to Zatanna’s original appearance in the first volume of Hawkman [v1 #4.])

I am surprised that the listener tribute to composite characters did not include “Super-Duper”, an amalgamated Justice League creature with Wonder Woman’s head and lasso, Batman’s torso and utility belt, Flash’s legs, Green Lantern’s arms (and ring), and Hawkman’s wings. This creature was created by an alien Pthisthinian device called the panacomputer, that was wielded by a small-time crook named Joe Parry in Justice League of America v1 #31, and was somehow recreated by T.O. Morrow in Justice League of America v1 #65. And yes, you can expect a custom-made Who's Who entry on Super-Duper by the 12th of Never...

I am glad you liked the AquaRob entry, Rob. I am happy to make any corrections to it as you see fit. And my thanks to Shag for his time and assistance.