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Friday, September 11, 2015

Batman/Superman #24

Comics Wednesday "Truth Hurts" by Grek Pak, Ardian Syaf, Yildiray Cinar, and Howard Porter.

Aquaman's first guest appearance in his post-Convergence garb kicks off in Gotham Harbor, with the Sea King beating the snot out whatever passes for Superman these days:

We then flash back (of course we do) to ten minutes earlier, with Batman and Lucius Fox attempting to stop an oil refinery from exploding. Meanwhile, Superman is trying to stop the subterranean army from approaching. Aquaman gets involved, which leads to the Man of Steel's disguise as an Atlantean being revealed. Another Atlantean, the short-tempered Ukur, plans to kill the newly-depowered Superman quickly. Aquaman stops him, commands Ukur to deal with the refinery, taking the matter with Superman in his own hands:

Superman takes a few punches, but still stands. He then takes off, leaping onto the refinery. The big McGuffin powering it is called The Sun, and Superman fights Ukur off it, and along with Batman rides it into the sky, hopefully where it will explode away from people.

Suddenly a massive ship flies back, grabs The Sun with some mechanical tentacles, shaking the formerly World's Finest Team off it. Turns out the whole thing was a plot from a group called The Dark Commands to grab the thing in the first place:

As Aquaman and Ukur shake hands, Batman and Superman squabble, ending with the Dark Knight Detective warning Superman to "Stay out of Gotham." Some things never change.

Not having read this series before, I had not a clue what was going on, nor am I up to date with Superman and Batman's new look(s). So I did my best to follow along, enjoying the site of Aquaman head butting the Man of Steel and surviving. He's still a giant hothead, so when he lectures Ukur about listening, I feel like the next panel really should have been Ukur giving his king a Liz Lemon-size eye roll.


Earth 2 Chris said...

Okay, grumpy old man time: Superman, Batman, and Aquaman in a comic, and if it wasn't for the word balloons, no one could identify any of them.

Top drawer, DC. Top drawer.


Anonymous said...

DC sucks

Unknown said...

Superman didn't take off to the refinery, Aquaman punched him so hard he landed there. Do people even play attention to the art these days?

Anonymous said...

It's the mid 90s all over again... boring storylines with the characters in shitty costumes...