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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Does Hallmark Hate Aquaman?

F.O.A.M.er extraordinaire Russell Burbage had this series of experiences and came to a few conclusions about Aquaman and merchandising. Take it away, Russell!

I went by a Hallmark store today to buy a card for a buddy's wedding. While I was there I noticed that their Itty Bitty stuffed toys were well represented by DC: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and...the Flash. Hmph. Their Christmas ornaments were likewise Wonder Woman and Batman (again?). If they ever make a Keepsake ornament of Aquaman I would be all over that like white on rice. Oh, well.

Then they had some illustrated story-books that featured...Batman. Although I have found a Super Friends book there before and actually bought it for my friend's son, it's no longer available. Hmmph. Birthday cards feature Batman, Superman, the Flash, and Green Lantern for the boys, and Wonder Woman was there for the ladies. Hmmph.

As I was walking out, my eagle-eyes spotted the great orange & green uniform...! I grabbed up the attached sticker pad, and then thumbed through it. Although Aquaman is clearly on the cover...he is not one of the stickers. Instead, his place is taken by--Shazam!?! Green Arrow!?! (okay, he's on TV, so I'll give him a pass). Firestorm!?! Martian Manhunter!!??!!

The second page features some bad guys, including...Black Manta!?! What the what...?!? Aquaman isn't featured, but his arch enemy is!?! Did Disney make this?!? Aquaman is featured on the Connect-the-dots page, in the exact same pose as on the cover. Lord have mercy.


r duncan said...

Hallmark has had Christmas Bat-ornaments and Super-ornaments, as well as ornaments for Wonder Woman, GL, and Flash, a a bunch of Marvel characters.

I think a letter writing campaign may in order to get them to make an Aquaman ornament.

Anonymous said...

Lego must not like Aquaman either. I just watched the trailer for Lego's Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom. Black Manta's there, but unfortunately no Arthur. Sad face.

Andy Luckett said...

@Luke Daab - I noticed that about the new Lego film too! Very strange. After all, if they're doing the Legion of Doom lineup, why not use all of the main Super Friends characters?

Anonymous said...

Several months ago I was in Pet Smart. They had DC themed aquariums. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman- no Aquaman. I kindly mentioned to the staff that an Aquaman aquarium would seem pretty logical. They agreed. We'll see what happens next year.

Anonymous said...

No company or store that sells such things is going to invest in a character that's hated and mocked by a lot of people, they would lose money by doing so. When the movie comes out, most people will be asking for the film version of Aquaman... and not the comic book version.

Anonymous said...

They have some aqua man stuff, but no ornament. This year a Itty bitty and some type of toy? Look on the hallmark website! Merry Christmas!