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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aquaman Meets Bugs Bunny!

The Aquaman Shrine has given DC Comics a lot of grief over the years (most of it deserved, we believe), but when they do something right, they deserve praise.

Case in point: these DC/Looney Tunes variant covers, set for release in November. They are wonderfully silly, and I love every one of them. Some more than others, of course: case in point, this cover to Aquaman #46, with the Sea King (drawn by Ivan Reis!) being entranced by a suspicious-looking mermaid. Head over to DC Comics's site and check them all out, they'll put a smile on your face.

BTW, you can buy Reis' original, as seen below: 


Earth 2 Chris said...

Who can possibly NOT love that? So fun, and gorgeously rendered!


r duncan said...

I usually don't get care that much for variant covers, but some of these are genius. Like Wile E Coyote trying to assemble a Cyborg kit from Acme, the Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales racing the Flash, or Yosemite Sam and Deathstroke.

Very cute.

Ashton Burge said...

Wow...having Ivan and the boys back on art duties would completely change my mind on this current arc. That cover is beautiful!