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Monday, May 04, 2015

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume XXVIII: History of the DC Universe


In this special episode of WHO'S WHO, Shag and I take a look at the two-issue mini-series THE HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, including material exclusive to the deluxe edition!

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Xum Yukinori said...

Great show again, Gentlemen. Allow me to fill in some of the gaps from the main History sections:

The alien spacecraft that crashed into Mount Michelson was actually that of Azreal, from the New Teen Titans, a creation of Marv Wolfman.

The guard of Nanda Parbat is named Taj-Ze, who was created by Neal Adams in Strange Adventures v1 #216. The spiritual entity is Rama Kushna, whom interestingly enough Boston Brand would refer to as a male in these Strange Adventures stories. This suggested to me that, while she had a female form, Boston could not see it and could only hear her voice, which must have sounded like a male…

The “smoking hot” redhead with “I… Vampire”’s Lord Andrew Bennett was Mary Seward, also known as “Mary, Queen of Blood.” She first appeared in House of Mystery v1 #290.

The bald man with the Injustice Society is the Thinker, a Golden Age Flash foe – sans his “thinking cap,” which I do not believe he had until the "Flash of Two Worlds" story in the 1961 Flash v1 #123.

The two unknown All-Star Squadron characters are Magno the Magnetic Man (blond man with the blue cape) and the Invisible Hood (not the Silver Ghost, who was actually a villain that fought the Freedom Fighters). They and Hourman were part of an initial squad of heroes first recruited by Uncle Sam in a Roy Thomas story that led to the origin of the traditional Freedom Fighters team, as shown in All-Star Squadron #31-35.

I suspect that the Brainiac narrative was to set up John Byrne’s new concept of Brainiac (which may have been initially different at the time and was later changed to the Milton Fine one), while still being able to keep the old Coluan version of Brainiac in order to maintain the link to the Legion’s Brainiac-5

The Atomic Knight being “born from the nightmarish fears of nuclear destruction” may actually be from an attempted pre-Crisis retcon of the character in DC Comics Presents #57…

On the Legion spread, I actually liked the fact that, while not necessarily his traditional power, Chameleon Boy’s purple uniform had made him blend into the purple background…

Green Lantern indeed operated as Pol Manning in the year 5708. This was due to that future era government’s method of pulling Green Lantern Hal Jordan through time (to aid them with some disaster) would blank out Hal's memory, so they filled it with a false one about space explorer Pol Manning. This particular scene in the History book with the Gordanians had taken place in Green Lantern v2 #136-137, which guest starred the Space Ranger and was written by (you guessed it) Marv Wolfman.

I believe the Harbinger’s “History” sphere appeared next in Steve Englehart’s “Millennium” mini-series. It had supposedly given the Manhunters the information they needed to infiltrate the lives of various heroes (somehow – I do not recall time travel being involved…).

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Before anyone else mentions it, I realized about 15 minutes after we finished recording that I forgot to mention the History of the DC Universe Portfolio. D’oh!