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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Missed Opportunity: Super Friends Pencil Cup

What do Brazilian merchandisers have against Aquaman? They actually had to go out of their way to remove Aquaman from this Super Friends logo before slapping it on this metal pencil cup. I mean, the standard SF logo comes with all five characters, why does a four-character version even exist?!?

One (small) bonus: Superman has yellow piping on his boots, a detail most colorists didn't bother with but I always enjoyed. Doesn't make up for the anti-Aquaman bias, however. Que diabos!

(h/t: Wonder Woman Collectors)

1 comment:

Earth 2 Chris said...

Superman did have that yellow piping off and on through the Golden Age, so this is Earth-Two...and there is no Earth-Two Aquaman.

Just kidding Rob. Had to pull a Shag on ya!