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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 122

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 122 - Xenomorphs and Film Franchises

Aquaman, Firestorm, AND Shag have the week off, so I am joined by RADIO VS. THE MARTIANS host Mike Gillis to discuss the ALIENS films and when movie franchises ignore previous installments.

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Closing music by James Horner.

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1 comment:

Earth 2 Chris said...

Fun episode Rob. Very engaging discussion, as I found myself wanting to chime in a few times. Of course, then everyone at work would be staring at me more than usual so...

I think I've blocked Alien 3 from my memory. I walked out of the theater on that one angry, which is unusual. Normally it takes me about a week to get over my initial "going to the movies" excitement and evaluate how I truly feel about a film. Alien 3 was so damn depressing and bleak I just felt like they'd mugged me and taken my wallet, and called me fat and ugly as they ran away, or something. I don't think I ever saw all of the 4th film, just snippets on TV.

I'm not sure how I feel about ignoring previous films. One thing I did like about X-Men: Days of Future Past is that it DIDN'T ignore X3...it happened. Sure, it fixed a lot of the BS from that film, but it did occur, initially.

As for the Superman Returns, they had to excise those to make it work that Superman left Earth shortly after knocking Lois up...which makes no sense, because as I recall, at the end of Superman II, he tells the President "I won't let you down again"...and then he apparently abandons the entire planet, AGAIN! I do think that movie gets too much crap, and it did make money, it was not a bomb, but it's very premise was incredibly shaky. Love the plane rescue, though.

I LOVE both yours and Mike's ideas for a better Star Trek: Generations. Andy Leyland had a similar idea to you Rob,with Kirk taking command of the Enterprise-D,and yes, that's the ideal death for our beloved Captain. I think Mike's idea could have been achieved with footage from TOS, and placing Picard in the scene with him (ala DS9's Trials and Tribulations), trying to convince him none of what he was seeing was real. When Kirk comes too, he's suddenly 60 years old and on an empty bridge, and has to walk away. They walk out of the turbolift doors, and exit the Nexus. I love it!!! Or, you could just put Edith Keeler, Carol Marcus, Miramanee or even Ruth from Shore Leave in that cabin Picard begs him to leave. That would have at least made Kirk's sacrifice mean something, both to him, and us.

Great stinger at the end. Shag will be so proud of you!