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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Aquaman Episode 28 - The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly

Aquaman Episode 28 - "The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly" by Oscar Bensol

A mysterious space ship appears in the sky and lowers itself into the ocean. There it emits four scuba divers, two of which put a time bomb in place, while the other two install two pink glass shields, which are rendered invisible via a ray gun. They then return to the ship and report a job well done to the not-at-all-comical Captain Sly:
The time bomb goes off, drawing the attention of Aquaman and Aqualad. While searching the canyon for the source of the explosion, Aquaman hits one of the invisible walls, smashing his head. Aqualad runs into the other, which is pliable and soft, trapping the young man.

Captain Sly lowers a mechanical arm from his ship, snagging Aqualad. Aquaman uses a razor-edged clam to cut the cord to the arm, keeping Aqualad from being carried aboard. Aquaman then goes about freeing his young sidekick from Sly's metal prison, with the help of some finny friends:
Captain Sly sends some of his men out, each aboard a sea-scooter, to attack. Aqualad gets hit with a paralyzing ray, only to be rescued by Aquaman and a well-aimed hard-water ball. Via teamwork, they make short work of the henchmen, climbing aboard the sea-scooters and attacking Sly in his own ship!

Sly escapes from his ship after it is damaged, but he is humiliatingly captured by Tusky, using Sly's own paralyzing ray! He is dumped on the back of Aqualad's seahorse Imp, and our heroes drag him off to jail. The End!

Captain Sly calls Aquaman "Aqua-Boob" at one point, which is just uncool. Considering he's a super-villain who comes equipped with his own handle--so he can be toted around like a sack of kelp--you'd think he'd keep the attitude in check.

I'll never understand why the writers of this show spent so much time coming up with new villains when Aquaman had a decent stable of bad guys that, to this point, were used so sparingly. It seemed like when Filmation gave Batman his own show, the Joker and Penguin showed up every other week! You would think Black Manta deserved a couple more bites at the apple, instead of having to warm the bench while Morts like The Brain and Captain Sly got screen time.


Anthony said...

Aqualad seems a bit more proactive besides "kidnap bait" in this episode. Maybe being with the Teen Titans (in their few shorts) was helping? :-p

That's *some* "razor sharp" clam!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Aqualad looks to be trapped in one of those full body condoms from The Naked Gun!