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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Aquaman Episode 25 - In Captain Cuda's Clutches

Aquaman Episode 25 - "In Captain Cuda's Clutches" by Bob Haney

Back at the AquaCave, Tusky is enamored by a giant jewel sitting atop a stand against a wall. As he stares, he sees some sort of crystalline creature inside, scaring him. Aquaman chuckles and explains that this jewel is a not only ornamental, but serves as a portal to another world, one that consists of Jewel People, a peaceful race that spends all its time mining its resources so it is self-sufficient.

The fly in the ointment is the villainous Captain Barracuda, riding atop the giant starfish known as Starro, on his way to attack the Jewel People and steal their riches!
Captain Barracuda first attacks the main dome of the Jewel People's city, and using Starro starts cracking it open like an eggshell. Aquaman and Aqualad take off to stop them, with the latter being temporarily knocked out by Barracuda's ray gun of doom, or whatever.

Between the two of them, Captain Barracuda and Starro are difficult to stop. Aquaman finally gets close enough to deal with 'Cuda in a very hands-on, direct manner:
Separated from Starro and his ray gun, Captain Barracuda is apprehended by the Jewel People and put in chains. Aquaman and Aqualad have a laugbh that he's now getting to be around all the jewels he wants, just not the way he intended...The End!

I had completely forgotten that Starro was used in this show. When he's first mentioned, I got so excited at the idea of one of my favorite JLA villains making an appearance. Unfortunately, I'm guessing writer Bob Haney just simply needed a name for a giant malevolent starfish, and used "Starro" since it was probably in his mental rolodex. The Starro seen here doesn't look like the comics version and displays no personality of his own: he's just a goon of Captain Barracuda's. In fact, when Barracuda is defeated, Starro is not seen or mentioned, as if he's not even really a threat on his own. Too bad, as I said I love the character and it would have been a blast to see a Filmation version of him.

Aquaman is way more a bruiser in this episode--he personally knocks Barracuda off Starro, puts him in a bearhug, and then throws him to the ground. Maybe the Sea King was really protective of the Jewel People and Barracuda's attack set him off.


Anthony said...

Ah, Bob Haney wrote this? That explains Starro being out-of-character...

(STARRO: Hey, it was my TV debut! *TV*! In *color*! (Beat) Yeah, I know... not a line of dialogue. And since when do I have an ink defense?!)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

A puffy-sleeved t-shirt is an interesting choice for a super-villain.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Starro would get his revenge on Batman: The Brave and the Bold!


Anthony said...

...where Starro *still* didn't really talk (vs his comics' self) for some reason. :-p