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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Challenge of the Super Friends Storyboards by Alex Toth

Check out these super-cool storyboards for episode 9 of Challenge of the Super Friends, "Revenge on Gorilla City" by the master, Alex Toth. Toth's little thumbnails were so beautiful, so full of life, that sometimes I think you could just print them all and release them as comic books, full stop.
I love how much energy and character Toth managed to put into the faces of Giganta and Grodd, and how simply rendered Black Manta's chrome dome is. They are a pure pleasure to look at.


Earth 2 Chris said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.

It's also amazing that in all the years he worked on the show, no set of animators every bothered to capture this artistry on film.:-(

Hey, we mentioned this one on the latest Power Records episode (plug)!


Darrin said...

I agree. These are gorgeous, but then anything from Alex Toth would be!

wich2 said...

Makes me feel like Dali said when he saw some pencil tests at Disney one time:

"Why don't you just leave it like that?"