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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Aquaman Episode 21 - Goliaths of the Deep-Sea Gorge

Aquaman Episode 21 - "Goliaths of the Deep-Sea Gorge" by Oscar Bensol

Tusky the Walrus is spotted and pursued by a giant mer-man who is lurking on the ocean floor. This creature is spotted by Aquaman and Aqualad who rush in to save their pal. Aquaman picks up a giant shell--big enough to cover the head of the mer-man--and uses it to subdue him.

Once that is accomplished, the mer-man explains that he was chasing Tusky only so it would lead him to Aquaman. The mer-man explains he and his people are in desperate need of help, for a giant undersea mastadon is wreaking havoc on the mer-man's village!
At first Aqualad is skeptical, but Aquaman believes him, and the follow the mer-man back home. Indeed, they see the giant mastadon smashing its way through the village. Aquaman quickly realizes the creature is too powerful for them to stop on their alone, so he calls in some finny friends as reinforcements.

Unfortunately the mastadon is able to swat most of the sea creatures away with minimum effort, and when Aqualad is injured, the Sea King grabs him and they retreat to a small cave. While inside the mastadon uses his massive trunk to try and blow them out of their hiding spot:
Aqualad recovers and is grabbed by the mastadon, and about to smashed onto some jagged stalagmites. In the nick of time, Aquaman uses a seaweed lasso to grab its tusks, and then sticks the other end inside the mouth of two whales. As Aquaman looks after Aqualad, the whales carry the mastadon away, with plans to drop him into a whole leading to a subterranean sea, away from harm...The End!

A fun (as usual) episode, with the ever-so-slight twist that the giant mer-man is not the bad guy of the story. Aqualad is fairly reckless here, insisting he can take on the mastadon by himself. Aquaman is so understanding, he never chastises his young charge for being a lunkhead.


Anthony said...

More unusually-strong seaweed ropes! And mention of whales as Aquaman's "sea elephants!"

These days, we'd probably get a whole storyline about who was "really" the evil one here, the mammoth-man or the mermen. (All leading to the mammoth-man's own miniseries/the mermen's own miniseries/Batman showing up for...reasons)

Anonymous said...

I rather like this one. We get another glimpse of an interesting and exciting undersea world. I would kill for all of these cool concepts that Filmation just dashes off to be revisited and explored in more depth (forgive the pun!).