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Friday, February 20, 2015

Unite The Seven

...aaand here's our first official look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman from Batman v Superman, courtesy Zack Snyder's Twitter feed!


Saranga said...

*goes all weak knee'd*
Well, that will get the ladies and gay men in the cinema for sure.
Nice work DC, nice work.

Joe Slab said...

WB's "stealth" PR for DCCU Aquaman is pure genius. The internet salivates over every sound byte & tease as if on cue.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I knew going in we weren't going to get classic Aquaman. My family however...HATE this. My 13 year old son threw up his hands saying he won't go see the movie. My 7 year old daughter said "They should have picked a different actor with yellow hair." Cindy just said "That ain't Aquaman."

But as I said...I knew we weren't getting, short blonde hair, orange shirt, and green pants Aquaman. So I'm willing to give this a shot. Would I have preferred a different look. Sure. But you can't say he doesn't pull it off.

I'm getting 90s David-era Aquaman, Injustice Aquaman, and a good helping of Jae Lee Namor out of this.


Lucien Desar said...

He looks like a major bad ass and would kick @#$&*F Batflleck's butt in a fight.

Anonymous said...

Urg....well, it's no worse than I expected. Let's see, I'll start with the positive, I guess...

He doesn't have a hook...that's good, I suppose?

His pointless shoulder armor is somewhat goldish...

He's got a trident; that is definitely cool.

He looks super fierce, so at least they seem to be taking him seriously (even if in the wrong way). That is probably a good thing in the long run, as there is a chance that even the Namor-lite version of the character showing up on the big screen will help get rid of the Aqua-hate he experiences.

I do really like the "Unite the Seven" slogan. If I had the slightest amount of respect for the powers behind this movie, that would really excite me. Of course, chances are that "the Seven" aren't really the Seven.

As for the bad, well, he doesn't look right for the part, and he's basically got the 90s era Aquaman look going on, with tattoos...for some reason. It definitely looks like they're going for the Namor-lite angry Aquaman version, which is a thoroughly dislikable character.

I understand the reasoning for the choices revealed here, and they are more or less what I expected. Sadly, that doesn't mean I'm not still disappointed. I would be a lot more so if I had any hope for these films.

Joe said...

Speak for yourself. All I got is disappointment.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Unite the Seven...Divide the Internet.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the current version but this looks amazing.
He looks like a mix between 90s (long hair, beard), current (trident, both hands, scaly armor pieces and tattoos) and Injustice (pieces of armor). The tattoos are new but they make sense for a warrior culture and they looks scaly like the armor.

Overall I was sure we weren't getting the comic book version, but we can be almost sure that AQ will probably be the most fierce and bad@ss member of the league. The trident looks spot on.

If Momoa can pull off the royal attitude (which I'm sure he can) this is a homerun for Aquaman's cultural impact.

Oh and a little orange on the armor would go a long way BUT he has some gold, which might be more visible in the movie.

Overall I would say this costume is closer to the actual comic book than the 90s or the JL Animated version.

Ryan said...

Bad Ass. i knew Momoa was gonna own it as Aquaman. They must have released the image because the BvS trailer is coming soon! SDCC maybe.

Anonymous said...

And the hair is not blond per se but "bleached" or smthing.
Which is unique and might explain his heritage without being 100% blond.

The concerns about the hair I believe can be put to rest, IMO.

Momoa looks great with this hair and if the actual collors are brighter that means his armor is also brighter which would make it even closer to the comics.

And it looks that way since his skin in the photo is also bleached.
There's no way he won't be more colorful in the film.

evenspotspeaks said...

I can understand the updates of the Super Heroes in todays media. Some I agree w/ some as others is just PR but wasn't the reason Aquaman had blonde hair is that he was from a mixed relationship of sea and land. Isn't this the reason he had a struggle gaining some of the Atlantis acceptance as a Ruler?

Anonymous said...

He was only picked for the role because his of Game of Thrones fame people. Not because he looks like the character, he's the flavor of the month or year. They want to make sure that it makes as much money as it can.

Momoa doesn't seem to have any idea of who's he's playing since all he's talked about is that he wants all tan skin children to have something to look up to... that's not Aquaman!

If it was the other way around, a tan skin character was changed to white and blonde... what would people be saying then???????

chrisinsydney said...

I'm not impressed either. I still think he is the wrong actor and this is the wrong look for Aquaman on film. It seems like the easy option, as if the producers thought that putting the classic version on screen would be too difficult to make "badass" which is a silly word that I'm so sick of reading. How about Aquaman be noble, heroic and a man to look up to, not run away from. There are probably hundreds of handsome, blond actors out there who could make this role a great one.

Anonymous said...

I know it's all opinions, but some of the views being espoused here leave me disappointed in this community.

"If it was the other way around, a tan skin character was changed to white and blonde... what would people be saying then???????"

"There are probably hundreds of handsome, blond actors out there who could make this role a great one."

These are the kind of views that keep the comic book community as insular, often racist, and xenophobic as it is.

You want to criticize this man's acting skills? Fine. But to say he can't play the part because of the color of his hair and skin is truly awful.

Anonymous said...

This is rob!, EIC of the Shrine.

If there are any more comments submitted (I've already flagged a few) that in ANY WAY smack of racist commentary, I will delete this post.

As Anon says above, criticize Mr. Momoa if you must, but no more "Why can't a white guy play this part?" nonsense.

Saranga said...

Thank you for stating that Rob.
There is absolutely no reason that Momoa can't give us a noble, regal Aquaman.

To my mind, the promo picture brings to mind a leader, with authority and power, who may be well be used to being challenged but he won't let anything lie. If you're gonna argue with him you better have a damn well good reason why and some sound thinking behind it, else he's gonna flatten you (verbally or physically).

Which is exactly the sort of King I think Atlantis needs, and has had, in the Aquaman of the comics for the past, what, 30 years? Atlantis' culture may not be based around warriors, but their army is an important part of their identity and has an important role to play in Atlantis life and defence. So Arthur in that sort of armour fits with that. He doesn't need protection, his armour forms a symbol for his subjects and people from foreign nations.

Momoa's skin colour does not change any of that.

Unknown said...

I like the scales, don't care for the hair or beard. I liked Man of Steel. After repeated viewings on HBO while channel-surfing, I'm finding that it holds up really well. So I'm keeping an open mind. I just hope they don't Namorize Aquaman too much.

Maybe a little orange and green?

James Chatterton

KJ Sampson said...

I was disappointed at first; I'd hoped for something a little more orange and a lot less '90s. But I've warmed up to it considerably.

Unknown said...

Let me start by saying that I hope the movie is tremendously successful and that Jason Momoa is a very heroic looking actor and probably as talented as anyone playing a comic hero today.

That being said, I'm disappointed with the overall look. This is the angry, dysfunctional and borderline psychotic Aquaman of the 90's. He looks like the world's buffest street person.My Aquaman was a clean-cut, well-adjusted, positive role-model type of guy. It is easy to read too much into a single photo, but I fear this is going to be another angst-ridden, conflicted superhero portrayal. I had hoped for something different.
Looks can be deceiving and maybe Mr. Momoa will be allowed to portray the Sea King as a noble and admirable character. We'lljust have to waiti and see.

Matt Maldre said...

Call me crazy, but I wish Aquaman always looked like this. I'm a recent Aquaman fan. Having realized that the common thread behind why I love both the Octonauts and Spongebob, I found that I am drawn to underwater adventures. Enter Aquaman. I never really could get on board with the blonde, orange, green. But I managed to look beyond that.

Now we have a true underwater hero. Not a cartoon version of orange and green. This is the serious Aquaman that fits underwater adventures.

Joe Slab said...

welcome to the Aquaman fan community matt! I appreciate your perspective and comment more fully on it on the next post.