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Thursday, February 19, 2015

TBT: The Aquaman Shrine in Toyfare

The Classic Aquaman figure for the JLU line tops the "Marketwatch Top Ten" list in this month's issue of Toyfare (#154, out this week). When I first turned to this page, I was happy to see Arthur on the list at all, not to mention in first place. But when I read the word balloon the Toyfare staff added, I did a double, even a triple, take:
Great Neptune! The Aquaman Shrine's been mentioned in Toyfare! How cool and how...well, yes, meta! I had no idea anyone at Toyfare knew about the Shrine, and no one told me this was coming until I read it in the magazine. I'm simply stunned!

Anyway, like I said, it's great that the Classic Aquaman figure--long time coming--is getting such attention. Its a beautiful figure, one many of us Aqua-Fans have been waiting for.

Thanks Toyfare!


This post originally appeared on April 10, 2010.


Earth 2 Chris said...

I briefly forgot it was TBT, and said to myself "They still publish Toy Fare?"


BlUsKrEEm said...


Darrin said...

Wow! That is fantastic Rob! The Shrine is getting more attention every day. Congratulations!