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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aquaman (Vol.8) #39 - April 2015

Comics Weekend "Maelstrom Part 5: Pacifica" by Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier, Sandra Hope, Wayne Faucher, and Peter Pantazis.

Well, Aquaman and Mera have made it through the last portal and finally found who they were looking for, Atlanna: 


Mera uses her powers to defend her and Arthur from the attack, giving him enough time to put a smack down on the hulking brute known as Gontu and get up close to Atlanna. He tells her the startling news that he is her son, and she doesn't take it well:


Atlanna explains (she's going to do a lot of that this issue) that her husband Tom Curry and her first son are dead, at the hands of her second husband, so all this must be lies. She manages to knock Aquaman and Mera out, and has them dragged back to a temple inside a nearby mountain. Inside is a flaming beast known as Karaku, The Volcano God, who is about receive Aquaman and Mera's unconscious bodies as sacrifice! Great Neptune!

Aquaman and Mera wake up just as Gontu is about to throw them in ("Is there some sort of ceremony?" "No, you just jump in.") and paste him again, allowing them to escape alone with Atlanna's right hand man, er, woman, Lanu, who seems to believe that Arthur is who he says he is.

Lanu explains how she of the purple eyes and others like her got there, but before she can go on Atlanna finds them and attacks again. As they run, the maelstrom opens up again and inside it are Tula, Neol, and other members of Atlantean Royal Guard, ready to defend their king and queen. Aquaman tries to settle everyone down, but then Mera points out they've all got bigger problems, literally:


...to be concluded!

Poor Aquaman, to come this far and then be treated like this by his Mom. Let's hope that these two can get this all settled next month, otherwise this Mother's Day is gonna be pretty damn awkward.

Paul Pelletier does another amazing art job here, really selling the fury of Atlanna's attacks. I've said it before, but in particular his rendering of Mera is wonderful, I hope that next issue is not the last we see of him drawing the character. Mera mini-series, anyone? Everyone?


Joe Slab said...

Rob is right. There was A LOT of exposition in this issue...and it somehow missed any emotional beats :(
Hopefully Parker's next issue's conclusion will be as satisfying as Johns' was in #25.

And yep, the art was gorgeous but detracted by too many word balloons.

Gareth said...

I'm definitely down for a Mera mini series by this team! Wouldn't mind seeing her team with Wonder Woman again either like the last Annual.