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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aquaman Episode 19 - The Trio of Terror

Aquaman Episode 19 - "The Trio of Terror" by Dennis Marks

Aquaman faces his greatest threat when three of his most(?) dangerous foes team-up--Black Manta, The Brain, and Vassa!

The Brain seems to be the, er, brains of this particular outfit, with the others executing his plan. The first part of it is Vassa, inside her giant mechanical whale, attacking Aquaman and Aqualad. With the help of her Mer-Men, Vassa tries to kidnap Aqualad.
While Aquaman has to rescue Aqualad, he gets a call from Mera (where's she been?), who tells him that at the same time, Black Manta is attacking Atlantis by lobbing concentrated balls of fire at its dome!

After making sure Aqualad is fine, the Sea King heads to Atlantis, where he stops Manta. It is here that The Brain makes his move, knocking Aquaman out and dragging him inside his ship. He then imprisons him in a glass case, built to withstand even Aquaman's might:
But The Brain didn't count on Aquaman's finny friends. He sends out a telepathic command for some of them to smash The Brain's ship, with Aqualad riding atop a whale and ripping a hole in its hull. With water flooding in, the ship's controls are short-circuited, allowing Aquaman to smash his way free.

The Brain's ship crashes into the ocean floor, and Aquaman and Aqualad laugh as Black Manta and Vassa turn tail and run. The End!

As you might imagine, this is one of my favorite episodes, simply because it's such fun seeing a bunch of Aqua-Villains team-up. Filmation never really bothered establishing any sort of continuity through the episodes, but here they are at least bringing characters back we've seen before. On top of the villains, Aquaman gets some good action stuff, from cold-cocking one of Vassa's Mer-Men to smashing The Brain's case. Yay Aquaman!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Vassa's men look like undersea versions of Ming the Merciless: Mermings!

I'm a sucker for a villain pile-on. I think I need to go dig my DVD set out and re-watch this one!


Anthony said...

Typical of the villains to turn on each other toward the end. Also, someone named the "Brain" should've remembered Aquaman's telepathy. :-p

Noticed they mentioned "colored balls" being hurled. Have to give the parents that finally bought color TVs their money's worth. ;-)