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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Aquaman Episode 18 - "Mephisto's Marine Marauders"

Aquaman Episode 18 - "Mephisto's Marine Marauders" by Oscar Bensol

Atlantis is under attack by...Anton LeVey?!?
No, actually it's that Dapper Devil of Danger, Mephisto, who has a plan to drop a giant sleeping pill into the pipeline that feeds oxygen to Atlantis. After everyone in the city falls asleep, it will be his for the taking! (Note to Local Authorities: Check where Mephisto went to college)

The pipeline is too small for Aquaman to get inside it, so Aqualad does the job. Doing so puts him to sleep temporarily, to Aquaman asks some finny friends to help defeat Mephisto and his henchmen. After Aqualad wakes up, they climb aboard some Hammerhead Sharks and take on Mephisto directly:
After smashing his ship with a whale, Mephisto is (presumably) killed when it explodes, leaving a still-sleepy Aqualad to get escorted home by Aquaman and Tusky. The End!

I could never get over Mephisto's whole schtick, I found it so charmingly silly. He's not particularly satanic in any real way, though of course who knows what he did in his off hours.


Anthony said...

"Atlantean clean-up crew"? Isn't that Aquaman/Aqualad, sort of? :-p

A lot of whales, though no reference to them as "his sea elephants" this time.

A villain who looks like Satan gets killed? Wonder if this was on the parents groups' list of concerns when the ant-violence backlash kicked the following season... :-p

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Mephisto and his minions are water-breathers, apparently, though it seems the Atlanteans are swilling air. What a world.