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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Jason Momoa as Aquaman by James Bousema

While this painting by James Bousema of what Jason Momoa might look like as Aquaman certainly is a beautiful image, I really hope this isn't what Zack Snyder and Co. are going for--this Sea King is kinda creepy!


Earth 2 Chris said...

He had BLUE eyes so help me God, blue eyes!

Yeah, I hope he's not quite THAT fierce looking. I also hope they lighten his hair up a bit. I don't want it to look weird, but I don't want him looking like Namor, either.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Without reading the copy I thought maybe it was Garth all growed up and having taken over the mantle.

To focus on the positives--what I like about this is that the overlapping plates on the chest piece suggest the carapace of a crustacean or something. I like the "organic" feel of it, suggesting the sea life which inhabit his environment.

And the seaweed enswathed city gates in the background are neat too. Kind of a different interpretation of Atlantis than what's usually done, if that is Atlantis back there. I hope the movie includes plenty of awesome undersea vistas like that.

Darrin said...

I really like the colors and the mysterious atmosphere ... and there is no harpoon hand. Those are all pluses in my book :-)

Anonymous said...

He looks too much like a villain

bt said...
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