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Friday, January 30, 2015

Convergence: A Modest Proposal

With DC plumbing its roots with the upcoming "Convergence" event, which includes bringing back some creators who worked on the pre-New 52 versions of certain characters, The Aquaman Shrine has a modest proposal: Bring Back Ramona Fradon!

Ms. Fradon is still drawing and very active on the convention circuit, and has lost none of her artistic powers (I can verify that, since I am lucky enough to own at least three sketches by her!). So while DC is using this event to celebrate the long history of their characters (like getting Hilary Barta back on Plastic Man, something I'm really looking forward to!), why not get someone who define Aquaman's look for years, across multiple generations of comics fans?

C'mon DC, bring back Ramona Fradon!


Blopa said...

It's a great idea, I think we should start some something to let DC know of this. A "Fan's Request", with our signatures and names, just to enforce our request.

Unknown said...

Hear Hear, Rob. Ramona Fradon must be one of only a handful of artists from that era still around.

James Chatterton.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I'd get behind this! I'd love to see Fradon work on Batman 66 or Wonder Woman 77 as well.


r duncan said...

How about Fradon on Aquaman '67? Filmation style?

evenspotspeaks said...

I'm going on a Fradon hunger strike starting tonight! Of course I'll have my 3 meals a day. I mean I have to keep my strength up if I'm going on a hunger strike.

Lucien Desar said...

I agree Ramona Fradon is still a great artist. I have one of her sketches as well and hoping to get another one. She is going to be at the NY Big Apple Con in March (across from MSG). It's a nice sized convention and not crazy crowded like NYCC and easy to get to.