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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aquaman Episode 15 - The Satanic Saturnians

Aquaman Episode 15: "The Satanic Saturnians" by Oscar Bensol

Yet another group of aliens have arrived on Earth with plans to conquer. They are from the planet Saturn, and have faces only a mother could love:
Their first attack involved lowering a ring into the water, which heats up everything around it, causing the polar ice caps to melt (FoxNews reports it's not happening, however). Aquaman and Aqualad get involved, and snap the wires holding the ring. As the Saturnians pull the frayed wires up, Tusky bites onto one of them, and he is dragged onto their ship.

The Saturnians then try another attack, sending troops into individual ships to attack. Unbeknownst to them, Tusky has hidden inside one of the ships, and takes off with the rest of them. The Saturnians then aim a "hard light" ray at Aquaman, trapping him and rendering him immobile. Tusky fires at the rings, causing them to dissipate, which allows Aquaman to attack and leaves the Saturnian high command in a confused, quaking fury:
Aquaman and Aqualad climb aboard some whales and attack the main ship, causing much destruction inside. The Saturnians decide they've had enough, and tuck their rings between their legs and run. As we watch Aquaman and Aqualad chuckle at their defeated foes, we have reached...The End!

Tusky gets a lot to do this episode, going so far as to saving Aquaman. The Saturnians were a particularly feeble group of bad guys, so I guess it didn't take much more than the animal sidekick to do them in. On a side note, who knew our immediately solar system was so overloaded with malevolent residents? Considering how (relatively) local the Staurnians are, if I was Aquaman I would have asked my Filmation pal Green Lantern to, um, "take care of them" while they were on their way back.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Sad yet interesting to learn that Saturn's rings are made of Thalidomide.

Anthony said...

Yeah, "global warming" probably doesn't make this Fox News' favorite episode... :-p

As for Saturnians, they are rather "local", though so was Filmation GL's sidekick (a Venusian here, not Thomas...avoiding having "pesky" minorities in 1967?).