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Thursday, January 01, 2015

1976 Super DC Calendar

Oh man did I love these DC calendars as a kid, even if Aquaman often got swapped out in favor of Captain Marvel (it's a new year, trying to stay positive...).

That said, it's gratifying to see Aquaman leading--and closing--the month, with double birthdays for him and Mera. The whole calendar is chockablock with fun DC facts, and 2015 seemed the perfect time to run this, since the days line up exactly with 1976. Click the above image to download a full size calendar sheet which you can use for your home or office!



Earth 2 Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the tip! I'm going to dig my copy out and hang it up this year!


Anthony said...

Actually, only January lines up in 1976 and 2015, not the rest of the year; 1976 was a leap year, remember? (Superman's birthday famously noted as being on February 29...Captain Marvel's, too! :-) )