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Monday, December 15, 2014

Random Aquaman Movie Casting Choice

Jessica Chastain as Mera.


The Shrine posted the above on September 24, 2012--more than two years ago. So why are we bringing it back up again now? Well, check out this tweet from Ms. Chastain herself, yesterday:


Why the heck is Jessica Chastain even talking about the Aquaman movie? She has no connection to it that we've heard.


Anonymous said...

When I met Jason Momoa at the brazilian Comic Con, I suggested Jessica as Mera, and he answered with a huge grin and a "hell yeah!" Come on Warner, do it!

Timo said...

Would love to see her in that role and I really hope this turns out to be true.

But I have seen her talking about movies/roles of people she has worked with before (she often talks about Oscar Isaac for example), without having a connection to the movies herself. And she did "Take Shelter" with Jeff Nichols, so it could be just out of support of her former director.
But Nichols looks like he likes to work with people he has worked with before (Michael Shannon was in all his movies, but he probably woun't be in this one :P), so there's a chance she could be involved then. She seems to still admire him, so if Nichols wants her, I think she would be on board...if she isn't already ;)

Anonymous said...

Mera is suppose to have the body or a warrior or Amazon... Jessica looks like she's starving herself to death.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Ooh, Michael Shannon could play one of the Trench creatures.