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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aquaman, Episode 10: The Deadly Drillers

Aquaman Episode 10: "The Deadly Drillers" by Dennis Marks

Aquaman, hanging out in his boss Aqua-Cave, gets an alarm about an earthquake happening just a few miles away--the same spot Aqualad happens to be patrolling!

Aquaman takes off, and he sees that the area is under attack by a race of mole people, who are inside massive ships with diamond-cutting drills attached to the front.
Aqualad has fallen into a crevice created by the mole people, and can't get out. With the help of some Pufferfish, Aquaman helps free his sidekick and then goes after the ships directly. One of them zap him with their electricity beam, which knocks Aquaman out. He then is dragged inside and told that the mole people's next goal is...Atlantis!

Aquaman stuffs himself into a torpedo tube, and launches himself out of the ship. He then commands his finny friends to drag a net of seaweed which traps the mole people's ships. They turn the ships on one another, since they fire automatically at anything in their path. With half the fleet now decimated, the mole people's leader calls for a hasty retreat.
Aqualad assumes that they will give chase and destroy the rest of the ships, but Aquaman curiously shows mercy, allowing them to return to the underground lair. The mole people are so humiliated, even Tusky the Walrus gets in on thr act. As Aquaman and Aqualad have a good laugh, we have reached...The End!

There are some nice visuals this episode, including nifty lighting on Aquaman when he is trapped inside one of the mole people's ships. The bad guys themselves are nothing special, but the Aqua-Cave remains as cool as ever.


Earth 2 Chris said...

You just never know with Mole People. They may just be misunderstood, or they really may be up to no good. It's always hard to tell.


Unknown said...

Man, that Aquacave is sweet!

James Chatterton