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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #8 - Feb. 2015

Comics Weekend "Alignment: Earth, Part 3" by Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, Allen Martinez, and Matt Milla.

Everyone is dealing with the revelations regarding Prisoner of War, who is housing a spirit claiming to have been murdered by The Operative:
After Ya'wara kicks some sense into him, they board their chopper and head back to the Others HQ.

Meanwhile, on the moon, the new team of baddies called Mayhem is having its own team-building issues:
One of the members, the woman known as Maelstrom, is concerned about what she sees as the team's true, nefarious mission. Her worries are dismissed by Stranglehold, whose only real philosophy is "Life gets better for some, worse for others." Others!

Back in the Atlantic aboard The Others' floating HQ, the members reconnect with their leader Aquaman, with Mera also in attendance:
Aquaman is not reassured to learn of the connection between Vostok and the KGBeast. When pressed to explain, he bolts and takes off into the night. To make matters worse, The Operative learns that the flash drive stolen by the Beast and Chesire last issue contains lunch codes for an old, abandoned soviet satellite...armed with nuclear weapons. Zoinks!

Vostok then receives a communique from the NKVDemon, who promises he can reveal to Vostok the secrets of his past. Even though Vostok is wary, he can't resist, and meets with NKVDemon on the moon. There, he hears a pitch about what Mayhem wants to do...restore the Soviet Union to its once-prominent status as a world power. Vostok does not immediately say no.

Ya'Wara transports The Operative and Prisoner of War to a remote base in the Yural Mountains. All seems to be going according to plan, until one of the spirits inside POW reasserts himself, in a quest for...revenge!
...to be continued!

Considering how much trouble these Others are, maybe Mera is right...Aquaman should just ankle all of them and go back to being a solo act. Poor Arthur can't leave them alone for five minutes before they are literally at each other's throats!

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Joseph Brian Scott said...

"I said lunch, not launch!"

Craig MacD. said...

I find it interesting that there is a character named Malestrom here just as the "Malestrom" arc in the solo Aquaman book is picking up steam. I wonder if we'll ever see an actual crossover between the two Aquaman books at some point.

Anonymous said...

I rather see a sort of Brave And Bold Aquaman.
Have Aquaman team up w/ some DC characters like
Batman, Flash, Superman, etc... of course have a different title like Ebb Team...eh...maybe should work on a title.
- Jez

Anonymous said...

A villain in tight black and has part of her hair covering the left side of her face... really???

Darrin said...

We're still enjoying Aquaman and the Others every month and we definitely need more entries in the Others contest!