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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mego Super-Heroes Ad

Someone get me all of these for Christmas! I already have some (like Aquaman) but I can always use doubles for when I do "evil duplicate" storylines.

(h/t: The Mego Museum)


Earth 2 Chris said...

I wonder where Kid Flash and Aqualad are on this ad? They came out at the same time as Wonder Girl and Speedy. Looks like 8" Wonder Woman and Tarzan are already pot out to pasture by this point, too.

I remember finding this ad in a back issue, after Megos were long gone. It blew my mind. I had no idea they made SO MANY figures I never had!!!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

I always wanted the Teen Titans figures but never saw them in the stores at the time. After reading about them on the Meego Museum site I don't feel quite so disappointed.