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Saturday, November 01, 2014

JLA: Year One #10 - Oct. 1998

"Heaven and Earth" by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, and Barry Kitson.

Last issue of JLA: Year One ended with the team distrusting the Martian Manhunter, whom they mistakenly thought was in control of some nefarious machine. Stumbling into the situation, it all goes wrong, and suddenly the sky is filled with fire:
Green Lantern and the others accuse J'onn of the being the eighth Apellaxian alien, and working to change the planet's environment to better suit them. But in the middle of the argument, Aquaman is blasted in the back by a small army of armed alien invaders!

J'onn attacks the machine, risking his life by being engulfed in flames, eventually destroying it. The sky of fire dies out, and along with it, the aliens. The JLA realize they've been wrong, but it may be too late: J'onn looks as though he is dying.

The JLA, enraged, follow the Locus soldiers via a teleportation beam back to their HQ. After a few minutes of a pitch battle, however, J'onn recovers and is able to help, but not before Locus' final stroke is enacted: a worldwide tectonic shift that will reconfigure Earth's landmasses and destroy all life!

The Flash, the all-but-official leader of the team, sends Green Lantern into space to try and stop the shift. While Aquaman, Black Canary, and J'onn continue to fight off the aliens, The Flash tries to reverse the program. He eventually does, while J'onn probes the aliens' minds, which trips a "fatal neuroshock", killing them all. It's...over?

A little while later, the team discusses what happened. They are still mad at J'onn for "spying" on them in their civilian lives, but come to realize it's mostly just because they really don't know one another, despite on depending on each other for their lives:
The rest of the team follows suit, but this detente is interrupted by a beaten and bruised Snapper Carr (unfortunately not dead), who tells the JLA that it is his Uncle Simon who is the missing, unknown alien. The Norad Alert goes off, and the JLA see now the scope of the plan:
To be continued!

By design, this issue is more about Martian Manhunter, with Aquaman mostly getting just to punch a bunch of aliens. That being said, writer Waid never forgets to have the Sea King be a major presence in every scene, which is always appreciated!

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Dave Sopko said...

I remember this series, and issue, fondly. Loved Waids take on the (new) original members here.

The Goldfish joke was funny, and that was part of the thing that makes this series. Little humorous things thrown out...kind of like real people do.

Also loved that Barry that was the one to take that step to open himself up to the others, and (at least in this iteration) probably kept them from disbanding before they really began.

Just digging into this blog. Liking it so far.