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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aquaman, Episode 5: The Sea Raiders

Aquaman Episode 5: "The Sea Raiders" by Oscar Bensol

Aliens invade Earth (again!), this time with no intentions to conquer--no, their plan is much more nefarious. They lower a suction tube into the ocean, and start hoovering up different sea creatures! As we see, they've been doing this across different worlds, and now it's Earth's turn!

After grabbing a few sharks and some other fish, Aquaman and Aqualad take notice. Tusky gets too close and disappears into the ship, and then the aliens retaliate by letting loose one of their captures, a monster from Venus!
This creature is pretty fearsome, and in short order it has Aqualad in its clutches. Aquaman helps free his young charge, and then orders a small army of fish to pummel the thing, so bad that the aliens decide to give up, tuck tail, and run. However, Tusky is still aboard!
Aquaman uses some seaweed to make a rope, lassoing the ship and preventing it from taking off. As it struggles to stay aloft and not crash into the sea, one of the aliens essentially begs to be let go. Aquaman's response: no deal! He demands the return of Tusky, which is granted. Once their pal is safely back, Aquaman and Aqualad let go, allowing the aliens to run away like the little bitches they are. The End!

This is probably is my favorite episode so far, and I have to think that it had a huge influence on me when I saw it as a kid: Aquaman is a complete badass here. He humiliates the aliens, and tells them to go pound sand when they ask--beg--to be let go. Aquaman will not desert any of his friends, period. Yay Aquaman!

Writer Oscar Bensol had a short career in animation--he has a series of credits on The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure show and its various incarnations, and that's it.


Anthony said...

Wonder if Oscar Bensol was someone's pen name/pseudonym...

That's some pretty strong seaweed there... it can pull down a spaceship!

The aliens' shtick of "stealing animals from other planets for their own world" is similar to Superman foe Brainiac...his Filmation version in Supes' half of the "Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure" also has him shrinking/stealing animals (though land creatures).

Earth 2 Chris said...

I haven't seen this one in a while...did Aquaman get the other sea creatures back too? I hope so!


Anthony said...

I re-watched it, and yes, the other Earth sea creatures were rescued.

Unknown said...

Oh, the stories Tusky could tell. Hope he wasn't pr...nah, not going there.

James Chatterton