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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So It's Official Then: AQUAMAN in 2018

It's a good--great--time to be an Aquaman fan, and it will continue to be for the the next four years.


Unknown said...


r duncan said...

For what it's worth, I give the Shrine a huge measure of the credit.


Anonymous said...

Duncan is right, the Shrine has done a huge service for the Sea King.

As for the news...it's great we're getting an Aquaman movie, but I can't get excited about it give the folks behind it.

Anthony said...

What bentongrey said; I disliked "Man of Steel"/not a New 52 fan, and fear all the upcoming DC films will have a similar tone/style.

Still, good that the Sea King's coming to the silver screen...and/or Netflix/iTunes/DVD, depending on viewing preference. :-)

Unknown said...

Good to see you guys got my screenshot, super stoked on the casting of Jason