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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #6 - Dec. 2014

Comics Weekend "Alignment: Earth, Part 1" by Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, Allen Martinez, and Matt Milla.

I decided to change how we recap these new issues. Since the Shrine assumes you've all read them already (and if you haven't, done want all the plot details given away), we're going to focus on what we liked and didn't like.

To that end, this was my favorite issue of Aquaman and the Others so far. I enjoyed the "Legacy of Gold" story, but thought it went on a little too long, and wasn't the greatest way to launch the new series. This issue is more of a classic team book set up, with the group together at the beginning and then going their own way--Sayeh returns to her family, Aquaman and Mera finally get some alone time (I love that Arthur calls her "Red"), Prisoner of War deals with some personal demons, and The Operative faces off against the KGB Beast, plus another unknown foe.

On the art, Allen and Medina are getting better, though occasionally they have some problems keeping faces consistent (I'm speaking specifically of that close-up of Mera in the "I'm Yours" panel, which seems to have a word balloon pointing in the wrong direction). But the final few pages between The Operative and KGB Beast are well staged and easy to follow.

I really like the new floating HQ for The Others, complete with tricked-out bed chamber for their leader. Let's get on an Others line of action figures, just so this can be made into a playset!


Steve said...

This is a minor thing, but the inconsistency bugs me: What is up with the fins on Arthur's gloves? Is it a separate attachment to the glove or just scalloped fins like it always used to be. Different artists seem to draw it differently, and in this issue, the hand part of the glove seems retractable. Is this simply the modern version of the yellow glove?

Craig MacD. said...

I actually liked issues #1-5 more than #6. The opening story arc seemed a lot more fun, while this (aside from the last few pages) was mostly talking heads. The art was decent but seemed much stronger in previous issues. I'm going to miss Sky Alchesay (spelling?) as I liked that character, and Sayeh just seems like a less confident version of her sister. My favorite characters so far are Ya'Wara and Aaron (who brought some nice humor to this issue). Looking forward to how the rest of this arc plays out.