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Monday, October 13, 2014

Aquaman #35 On Sale 10/22!

Here's the dressed cover to Aquaman #35, which hits the stands on October 22! It's the first installment of a new storyline, "Maelstrom"!

By the way, today is the Aquaman Shrine's 8th Anniversary! We're happy to report that this is the best, most exciting time the Sea King has ever had since we started, and we're looking forward to even better things by year nine!


r duncan said...

Happy Anniversary, Shrine! It's been a great 8!

Rob, thanks for the great work and all the fun!

Joshua Rainey said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And Congratulations! Thank you Rob for having created this site and all the hard work you have put into it. I cant wait until the 10th anniversay when itll be Aquamans 75th and the release of Batman v Superman featuring Jason Momoa as the sea king. Outrageous!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Has it been 8 years already?
Time sure flies when you're wet.

Happy Anniversary and mucho appreciato for this labor of love you've created.