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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #4 - Nov. 2014

Comics Weekend "Tiny Titans" by Art Baltazar and Franco.

Aquaman is a busy man these days. Not only does he headline two monthly titles, he shows up (occasionally) in Justice League, plus in the last month he guest-starred in Scooby-Doo Team-Up, got his own Futures End one-shot, and still had time to hang out with the Tiny Titans!

This issue opens with Robin, who has heard of a new treehouse for his Titans pals in...Atlantis! Lagoon Boy leads the way, and in short order they meet up with Aqualad to join in one the fun:
Up on the surface, Beast Boy and Miss Martian, not knowing where their pals went, head out to find them. Back down below, it's not all just giggle and good times, because Black Manta is on the loose! Luckily, the King of the Seven Seas, Aquaman, is on the case:
...The Tiny Titans find their way to the treehouse, only to discover it takes so long to get to, they all have to get home for dinner now!

My only real comment about this book is, I could look at Art Baltazar's version of Aquaman all day.

If you're not buying Tiny Titans, you should be. Even if you don't have any kids in your life, buy it because A)It's great, B)It's a nice tonic to all the doom-and-gloom so prevalent in the New 52, and C)You can donate the comics to a local hospital, school, or library. Books like this are how we create a new generation of comics fans, like the previous generations did for us. Do it for Aqua-Cow!

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Unknown said...

My four year old son loves the Tiny Titans. He reads the TBP's on long road trips. They really are the perfect gateway for young children. It's been amazing to see the effects of comics on a young imagination first hand.

James Chatterton