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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Superman: The Man of Steel Sticker Book

Since there are so few bookstores anymore, items like this aren't on my radar much anymore. Luckily F.O.A.M.er Ilke Hincer is on the job, alerting me to this DK sticker book (published last year) that was of course tied into the Man of Steel movie, but also found space to feature Aquaman!
Back when they first starting out on Aquaman, I suggested that the work of Reis/Prado/Reis was so iconic that it wouldn't be long before it started showing up on merch. And here you go, the Aquaman from issue #0 right there among all the Superman stuff.

But something else occurs to me: since this book is mostly Superman, what, exactly, is Aquaman doing here at all? Does it have something to do with the internet rumor concerning the "sabotaged oil rig" scene in Man of Steel? Could Zack Snyder and his team have been this hands on in setting up Aquaman to appear in Dawn of Justice? I guess we'll all know soon enough...

Thanks Ilke!

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Craig said...

Tied in to MOS - yet they left poor Calrk keep his drawers!