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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Challenge of the Super Friends, Episode 13

Episode 13: "Fairy Tale of Doom"

The Legion of Doom redefines the term "getting lost in a book":
This episode of Challenge of the Super Friends opens not in the murky swamp, but in the deepest part of the ocean, where we see: Captain Nemo and his ship, The Nautilus?!?
The Nautilus is attacked by a giant squid, just like in the story, except watching nearby is...Toyman! After the squid turns on him, the Tintoretto of Trickery escapes, and it's revealed that he was actually inside the legendary story:
Yes, The Toyman has actually created a machine that can beam anyone into any book! Instead of selling this to bibliophiles and making a fortune, The Legion of Doom decides to turn this on the Super Friends.

At the Hall of Justice, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman remark how well the intergalactic peace treaty is going, which is attended by Aquaman, Apache Chief, Flash, and Samurai.
Batman, Robin, Black Vulcan, and Green Lantern are similarly off planet, attending an "intergalactic olympics." That leaves just three Super Friends to deal with, and Toyman's machine works like a charm: within moments, Superman is dragged into Gulliver's Travels, Wonder Woman into Alice in Wonderland, and Hawkman into Jack and the Beanstalk, where the giant prepares to serve the Winged Wonder up as a tasty treat:
While our three heroes are stuck, the Legion of Doom go on a crime rampage. But that is interrupted when Batman and the others come back to Earth. They are the victims of a sneak attack in their own HQ, allowing the Legion to continue their crooked ways.

Of course, Batman being a master escape artist, finds a way out of the holding cell, and his ingenuity helps free Robin, Green Lantern, Black Vulcan, and, uh, Other Batman:
They battle the Legion of Doom, accidentally damaging Toyman's machine. Not knowing how to fix or operate it, and running out of time to rescue their friends, the Super Friends play possum. The Legion of Doom realizes that there's only a few minutes left for their friends to return, so Captain Cold, Giganta, and Brainiac go after them (an extraordinarily kind gesture, when you think about it), with Batman and the others following the trail.

Batman and Robin help Superman escape, Black Vulcan does the same for Hawkman, as does Green Lantern with Wonder Woman. They collectively defeat the Legion of Doom, all returning home safely, chalking up yet another win for the side of Good:
...The End!

While it's a darn shame that Aquaman didn't get a chance to interact with 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (which Toyman calls "20,000 Leagues Beneath The Sea", but ignore him, he's an idiot), this is a very fun premise, and by using public domain material, HB got a whole episode of the show and didn't have to pay anything extra.

The episode ends with the machine still intact and working; you'd think someone from the Super Friends would patent that sucker and become the next Bill Gates. I'd probably zap myself into Fanny Hill, but hey that's just me.

This episode's Aqua-Content: Low



Earth 2 Chris said...

I wonder if this influenced the next season, "World's Greatest Super Friends" which were mostly loose classic literature adaptations with the SF thrown in?

That double Batman shot is a classic HB gaff! How do you miss something like that?


rob! said...

I love this show to death, but finding goofs like that makes me day. :)

Jorge PR said...

Besides teh double Batman mistake, it's funny that batman has to climb his way up to get out. Can't Black Vulcan and/or Green Lantern just fly their way out, taking the Dynamic Duo with them? They don't even have to carry them, GL can use his ring!

And another watery episode with no Aquaman on it!

Xum Yukinori said...

That was Batman's stunt double, I believe...

Anthony said...

Gee, guess WB/DC's over-reliance on Batman began earlier than I thought with *two* Batmen in one scene, there... ;-)

Yeah, would think inventing something similar to the Holodeck would = sell it and being millionaires, but guess not; one could say that about many of the villains' inventions. (A 2000s "Super Friends" comic had that as the capper at the end---Wonder Woman notes they plan to use the villains' inventions to help humanity, to their annoyance.) ;-)